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In July 1988, while Japan was still suffering from the collapse of the bubble economy, we decided to launch this new venture. Although there were only three of us at the time, after conducting a feasibility study, we were set up as a small unit in the New Business Development Department of Recruit Co., Ltd. For this ten-billion-dollar company, whose primary business of bridging enterprises and individuals through recruitment, housing, travel and other information services, this fledgling venture was just one small step or side-business. But, for those of us who were involved, and had huge aspirations to bridge academia and industry through advanced technology information, we considered it a giant leap for the betterment of not only Japan, but also the world.
14 years later, in April 2012, with the experience of 3,000 invention disclosure interviews and 400 license agreements in hand, 12 fellow associates and I decided to spin out as Tech Manage Corp. Since that time, we have continued to further evolve our technology transfer business, and still maintain those same large aspirations even today.

In this past half-century, our lives have become astoundingly rich, convenient, and efficient. However, at the same time, environmental problems such as global warming and other issues including aging societies, lack of adequate medical care, food shortages, and other global crises all increase anxiety about the future.
Leading-edge technology is one of the keys to addressing these issues, and the accumulation of decades of basic university research is essentially indispensable. Moreover, the variety and wealth of research subjects has spread to include atomic size, the speed of light, and unexplained phenomena in both nature and life. As a result, we should aim to tackle these global problems on a societal level that goes beyond individual corporate frameworks. In other words, we should aim to share social roles with universities and technological institutes playing basic research roles, and businesses around the world finding ways to apply this research by playing product development roles. In order to apply new research findings and discoveries to solve such intricately intertwined societal problems, the role of our technology transfer company will continue to become increasingly important. We are not only extremely proud to play such an integral and important role, but also recognize the tremendous responsibilities that are associated with it.

"Bridge to the Future" is our motto, and by bridging advanced technologies, it is my sincere wish that our efforts today will lead to a brighter future filled with increased hope 10, 20, or even 100 years from now.

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