What We Do

Transferring technologies developed by Japanese universities to companies worldwide.

  • We are commissioned to transfer research results from top Japanese universities.
  • We introduce groundbreaking technologies that fit your needs and areas of interest.
  • We commercialize research results of our client universities by negotiating licensing conditions and/or collaboration schemes with private enterprise.

Through our marketing activities, we seek out the best potential licensee for our client universities and promote commercialization of their research results and technologies.

  1. Based on roughly 20 years of knowledge and experience as a tech-transfer leader, we evaluate and select only the latest research results for commercialization potential.
  2. For patent-filed technologies, we search for and introduce optimal licensee candidate companies from around the world.
  3. We assist and support our clients by negotiating with licensee candidate companies to create win-win licensing terms for a successful license agreement and relationship.
  4. We continue to provide follow-up support between licensees and universities to promote the practical development and commercialization of the technology.

Our Value

  1. Dealing with a great number of carefully selected technologies.

    • We represent more than 20 top-tier client universities in Japan.
    • According to industry needs, we carefully select potential technologies from among 300–400 newly disclosed research results per year.
    • We are entrusted with the commercialization of the latest, unpublished technologies.
  2. Providing compelling technical proposals for each technology.

    • We identify potential products for each technology and clarify its appealing features.
    • We determine and approach the most suitable companies for our technologies.
    • We create detailed, comprehensive proposals in accordance with the interests of industry.
  3. Building quick and smooth cooperative relations with universities.

    • We are a comprehensive tech-transfer window for corporate enterprises
    • We ensure smooth communication based on a trusting relationship with universities
    • We provide advice and support with regard to patents and contract-related procedures
  4. Helping overseas companies access the latest technologies developed by Japanese universities

    • We facilitate smooth communication in English
    • We provide assistance with teleconferencing, overseas business trips, and the invitation and hosting of key decision-makers from overseas companies.
    • We provide support for contractual procedures between Japanese universities and overseas companies.

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